Sand Play Yoga is a fun and profound adventure into your Self.  You will be amazed when you see what your create!

How does it work?  You sign up for a 90 minute session with Lynne.
You will meditate, create a world in the sand, and explore the world through guided questions, and finally you will journal about your world.

Why is this YOGA?  Yoga means union.  Sand Play Yoga unites the verbal and non-verbal, the right and left brain, the conscious and unconscious.

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Sand Play Yoga creates bridges between typically unconnected parts of the self.  The first bridge connects the experiences in deep meditation to experiences in light meditation during Sandplay.  This bridge opens communication between silence and the non-verbal right brain.  The formless is expressed in form.

The second bridge is between the right brain and the left brain.  The creative right brain intuits and builds a world while using the mantra “show me what I need to know”.  During the exploration stage of Sand Tray Yoga the right and left brain work together to understand the tray.

The third bridge which is Journaling is a synthesis of deep meditation, light meditation, and the union of the form and formless.

Breaking through blocks that exist in our being is part of the magic of Sand Play Yoga.  Opening up portals, bridging the gap between the human and the divine, the ego and the higher Self, is the beauty and the magic of Sand Play Yoga.