A Call to Integrate

2014-05-06 20.29.44


This box is one that I did.  It showed a repeating theme.  On one side of the box is family–small village seems to have most of the ingredients that the physical world requires.  A river flows through into a large body of water.  The water sparkles and flows, and to me represents the Tao, the flow of life.  On the other side there is a spiritual hub, with powerful rocks and pieces of nature.  There is a strong totem which is large and towers over all things in the box, almost looks over the entire world.  The two butterflies represent the change, the transition that has already happened, from caterpillar to butterfly.  But they are not flying, they are still part of the scene of the spiritual world. If I were building a TRANSITION BOX I would FLY the butterflies over the river, into the physical world.

This box, as many others I have built, show the compartmentalization of my life, family and some friends on one side of the ‘divide’, and my spiritual journey on the other.  Many of my boxes have been a call to merge the parts, to move towards unity and integration.  As a result of these sand trays I have started to bring spiritual and home together. Breaking this pattern of my own thinking and behavior has been awesome.