Sand Play Yoga — a Lesson for me!

2014-05-06 20.29.44

This is a sand play creation.  It is mine.  The first thing that I am drawn to is the river, flowing white and and brilliant blue.  It is at a 45 degree angle and it is the movement of life, it is the flow of the Tao,it represents spiritual awakening.  The river goes from the corner tot he blue water..  I see that the river, the flow of energy and life, divides my life into two distinct parts.  One side is family, community and village.   The other side is earth elementals, water, sand, rocks and stone, and a touch of the ethereal and magic represented by the egg of beach glass, the butterflies, and the totem.

As I look at the picture I see the recurring theme that surfaces in many of my boxes.  Integration between the mystery, magic/spiritual and home/family/everyday life.

To begin that integration with this box I could move one butterfly to the ‘family side’, and one shelter to the ‘ethereal’ side.

Or I might have the river branch off so that it flows to all parts of the box.

Meditate, and from stillness and wordless knowing, build a world and have fun learning from your own wisdom.  It is a process that without ‘any’ exploration with a facilitor will begin to allow your silent ‘teacher’ a way to ‘speak’!